Historic Milestone – Two Transgender Women to Compete in Miss Universe 2023

This year, the Miss Universe competition will have at least two transgender women competing for the crown. Here’s the whole story.

Crowned Miss Portugal

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Marina Machete was recently crowned Miss Portugal, becoming the first transgender contestant to win that title. 

Proud Trans Woman

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Before she won the Miss Portugal competition, Machete posted online that she was “proud to be the first trans woman to compete for the Miss Universe Portugal title.”

She Wasn’t Previously Eligible 

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Machete also acknowledged in her post that “for many years,” she “wasn’t eligible” to compete in the Miss Portugal competition.

Incredible Contestants 

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Machete said it was “an honor” to be among the other “incredible” contestants competing.

Positive Support 

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After being crowned Miss Portugal, Machete thanked her supporters for the “positive and empowering” messages they sent her. 

Limitless Possibilities 

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In a video posted online, Machete told her followers not to limit their dreams because their “possibilities in life are limitless.”

Historic Win

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In response to Machete’s winning, one person wrote, “Marina Machete’s historic win as the first transgender woman to capture the Miss Portugal title is a powerful testament to progress and inclusivity.”

Second Transgender Woman Competing

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The second transgender contestant who will compete for the Miss Universe title in El Salvador is Rikkie Valerie Kollé.

Miss Netherlands

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Kollé made history in the Netherlands by becoming the first biological male to win the title of Miss Netherlands. 

I’m Rikkie

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Shortly after being crowned Miss Netherlands, Kollé posted, saying, “Yes, I’m trans, and I want to share my story, but I’m also Rikkie, and that’s what matters to me.”

Enjoying Every Moment

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Kollé said she participated in the beauty pageant “on [her] own strength and enjoyed every moment.”

Target of Hate Speech 

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Kollé received support from some, but she said she also became the “target of hate speech” online even though she thought the Netherlands would be more “accepting.”

Ignoring the Hate

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Kollé said the hate comments she received “showed the other side of our society.” Rather than focus on the hate, Kollé said she “fully ignores it” and focuses on “the good things coming [her] way.”

90 Women Will Compete 

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The Miss Universe will take place in El Salvador, where 90 women will compete for the crown. 

Not All Pageants Are Accepting

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The Miss Universe pageant began allowing trans women to compete in 2012. However, not all pageants allow trans women to enter and compete.

Miss Italy Doesn’t Allow Trans Women to Compete

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Earlier this year, the organizer of the Miss Italy pageant said that transgender women wouldn’t be allowed to compete. Over 100 transgender men entered the pageant in response. 

Women Can’t Have Their Own Space?

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One person asked, “Can’t real women have any space to call their own?” A reply to this comment said, “They do. Trans women are women.”

Losing to a Biological Male

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Someone else said they “felt bad for the other candidates.” This person also said, “Imagine losing to a biological man in a competition designed for women.”

Utter Insanity 

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Another comment called the situation “utter insanity.” It claimed that the Miss Universe pageant had become a “popularity contest” rather than a “beauty pageant celebrating femininity.”

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