Ex-National Security Council Official Arrested for Stalking, Harassment in NYC

Stuart Seldowitz, a former Obama administration official, found himself in legal trouble after videos depicted him using hate-laden, Islamophobic language against a New York City food cart employee. Preliminary Charges Unveiled The NYPD announced that Stuart Seldowitz, 64, was arrested on preliminary charges of hate crime/stalking, but that’s not all.  Multiple Charges Revealed Seldowitz was … Read more

Global Commitment Emerges for Collaborative AI Regulation at Summit

Some surprising guests were at the first AI summit, where countries, including China, worked together to discuss managing the potentially dangerous effects of AI on the world. Groundbreaking AI Summit In a groundbreaking move, 28 nations, including major players like the US, UK, and China, have forged a commitment to collaboratively steer artificial intelligence (AI) … Read more

Governor Newsom’s Veto Highlights Democratic Divide on Caste Discrimination

A recent veto by California Governor Gavin Newsom has brought to light an escalating clash within the Democratic Party regarding anti-discrimination measures based on caste, resulting in a warning from the Indian community. Caste’s Role in Social Hierarchy Caste is a social group assigned at birth and cannot be changed, affecting a person’s opportunities in … Read more

“Live, Love, Lesbian” – Anti-Wokers Storm Target Stores In Protest Against Range of LGBTQ+ Adult and Children’s Clothes

Target, the popular retailer, is facing a massive backlash over its LGBTQ merchandise, and one outraged customer, Ethan Schmidt, has gone viral on TikTok and Twitter for his outburst. Far-Right Protest A video captured the 24-year-old far-right internet personality tossing the rainbow-colored sign to the ground, stomping on it, and even giving it a kick.  … Read more