TikTok Users Are Horrified By What Mom Does With Baby’s Hair

A TikTok mom’s hair care routine for her son has stirred the pot on the social media platform. She claims that she shaves her infant son’s head to help his hair grow back “thicker and more even.” TikTok users had mixed opinions on the bizarre hack.

Baby Buzzcuts Are In

The mom started her post by saying that she does not tell people that she shaves his head so that it will grow back “thicker and more even.”

@tator_totts He’ll thank me later lol my mom did this to my brothers and they all have the best hair in the family🤦🏽‍♀️ #buzz#fyp#babyboy#tradition#k18results#yolo#cutie#viral#trending ♬ big weenie – ˗ˏˋ 💌 ´ˎ˗

She then showed a photo of her son from several months earlier, showing that his hair does grow back thicker after being shaved.

TikTok users were skeptical about her claim, and some believed her.

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TikTok Reacts

One user used their own experience to invalidate the mom’s. “My mom didn’t do that and my hair is perfectly healthy and extra long.”

Another user said, “That’s just a myth,” to which the creator replied, “Myth or not, it’s worked on everyone I know that has done it.”

Another user implied that cutting an infant’s hair could pose a risk to the child. “My pediatrician told me don’t cut their hair before 2 or it may be 1 not sure. Because of the soft spot.”

The creator assured the commenter that she was careful “I was very gentle. Plus used a guard.”

Another person stressed again that it isn’t good for the child to have his hair shaved. “That is definitely not good for childrennnn.”

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