“It’s Your Turn!” – She’s Pregnant and He’s Working All Day So Who Should Get Up With the Baby?

He’s trying his best to take on the majority of the nighttime toddler care so that his pregnant wife can get her much-needed rest. But this tired couple found themselves at an exhausting standstill when she resented his one night off from tending to Junior.  A Young Family The Original Poster (OP) is a 33-year-old … Read more

“If He Is Mean to You, He Likes You” – 10 Damaging Things We Should Stop Teaching Our Kids!

As a society, we place a great emphasis on education and ensuring that our children receive the best possible education. However, with the changing times and evolving cultural norms of society, it is important to re-evaluate what we teach our children. There are certain concepts and ideas that have been ingrained in and outside the … Read more

10 Things Millennials Can Teach Boomers to Bridge the Generational Divide

It’s no secret that Millennials and Boomers often don’t see eye-to-eye. After all, they grew up in very different worlds – Millennials, in their younger years, saw the world go through significant economic and technological growth. On the other hand, many Boomers faced substantial financial difficulties, the oldest were born just after WW11 into a … Read more