J.K. Rowling Will ‘Happily Do Two Years in Jail’ if Labor Government Gives Prison Sentences for Using the Wrong Pronouns

JK Rowling has spoken out against Labor’s plan to introduce harsher sentences for violence and abuse targeted at trans people, announcing that she would “happily do two years” in prison. Here’s the story.  Bring it On “Bring on the court case, I say” – Harry Potter author JK Rowling has publically addressed the announcement that … Read more

“Everyone Is Covering for Him. He Knows He Is Untouchable” – Biden’s Response to Impeachment Inquiry “Lots of Luck” – Is Retaliation Brewing in the Capitol?

President Joe Biden’s reaction to the recent impeachment inquiry launched by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has sparked various reactions from social media. Here’s the whole story. The Question A reporter outside the White House asked President Biden, “What is your response to Republicans opening an impeachment inquiry into you?” Lots of Luck President Biden responded … Read more

Ted Cruz Predicts Presidential Twist for 2024 – Michelle Obama as the Democratic Nominee? Could She Wake Up as the Most Powerful Person in the World?

In a recent episode of his podcast, “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” Senator Ted Cruz of Texas made a bold prediction that has raised eyebrows across the internet. Here’s the whole story. Michelle Obama May Become the President Cruz suggested that the Democratic Party might replace Joe Biden as its nominee for the 2024 presidential election, … Read more

“She Might End up as a Homosexual or a Trans Person!” – Dressing Baby Girl in Blue To Annoy Homophobic Mother-In-Law in a Parenting Protest

In a recent Reddit post, a user shared her story of dressing her baby girl in blue to make her homophobic mother-in-law annoyed. Here’s the full story. The Parenting Journey Mary and her partner, Nathan, recently embarked on their parenting journey with the birth of their baby girl. Embrace Neutrality They made a conscious decision … Read more

“A Precious Family Heirloom”? Grieving Fiancée Faces Legal Battle Over Engagement Ring From Deceased Partner’s Entitled Family

After the tragic passing of her fiancé, Hannah was stunned when her in-laws began demanding that she hand over her engagement ring. When the lawyers got involved, she couldn’t believe what was happening – but who was in the wrong? A Baffling Situation Losing the love of your life is hard enough, but imagine being … Read more

“Animal Abuse Enabler”? Vegan Family Feud – Husband Berated for Secretly Providing Non-Vegan ‘MCDONALDS’ Snacks to Son!

After agreeing on a vegan family diet, a husband and wife found their relationship strained when she discovered that he was giving their son non-vegan snacks. Did he break her trust, or was she being unreasonable?  Animal Abuse Enabler? The discovery came as a shock to Cindy. After learning her husband, James had been buying … Read more

“You Scream Entitlement and Jealousy” – Sister’s Quest To Expose Brother’s Fiancée’s Stripping Secret Sparks Family Discord – To Tell, or Not To Tell?

A woman took to Reddit to find out if she would be in the wrong if she revealed a shocking secret about her brother’s fiancé to the whole family. Her post went viral, as hundreds of Redditors poured in to criticize her. Let’s take a look. The Mysterious Presence Gal was grappling with a secret … Read more

“George Floyd Should Be Alive” – Biden’s Pledge on Floyd’s 50th Birthday – Gun Violence and Police Reform in the Spotlight

In a poignant message on what would have been George Floyd’s 50th birthday, President Biden reiterated his unwavering commitment to combating gun violence and pushing for comprehensive police reform. Floyd, whose tragic death ignited a global movement for justice, remains an enduring symbol in the fight for equality and accountability. President Biden’s Tribute “George Floyd … Read more

Transgender Healthcare Rights at Risk – Costco Pharmacist Denies Syringes for Testosterone, Adding to National Controversy on Personal Beliefs

A transgender man in Kansas City has alleged that a pharmacist at the retail giant Costco refused to sell him insulin syringes, which did not require a prescription, upon learning he intended to use them for testosterone injections. This incident is the latest in a series involving pharmacists allegedly denying medical supplies to transgender patients. … Read more