Experts Warn of Rising Social Isolation in the Digital Age

The White House recently reacted against House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry by demanding the withdrawal of subpoenas aimed at Biden family members and administration officials. Here’s the whole story. The Request The White House counsel Richard Sauber criticized the subpoenas as “unjustified” and labeled the overall inquiry as “illegitimate.”  Sauber’s letter, addressed to House Oversight Chair … Read more

Dr. Carl Blair Condemns YAF’s Freedom Week Project at Michigan Technological University

In a recent audio recording released by the Young America Foundation, Dr. Carl Blair, a history and anthropology professor at Michigan Technological University, strongly disapproves and insults the university’s YAF chapter. Here’s the full story. The Reason The controversial remarks were made following the YAF’s Freedom Week project, which involved constructing a mock Berlin Wall … Read more

Biographer Uncovers Historical Letter Revealing Obama’s Early Intellectual Exploration of Homosexuality

In a startling revelation, a recently redacted 1982 letter penned by former President Barack Obama to his ex-girlfriend has shed light on his thoughts surrounding homosexuality. Here’s the whole story. The Letter to a Former Lover The letter, which was addressed to Alex McNear, a former girlfriend from his time at Occidental College in Los … Read more

San Francisco Business Owner Faces Closure Amid City’s Worsening Conditions and Deteriorating Neighborhood

Mark Sackett, who has been a committed owner of multiple businesses in San Francisco, particularly in the South of Market area, for almost two decades, has faced the imminent threat of closure due to financial strains resulting from the city’s worsening conditions. Here’s the whole story. Financial Stress According to The San Francisco Chronicle’s report, … Read more

NYC at Breaking Point with Migrant Housing, Considers Tents in Parks Solution

A recent Politico report, titled “Democratic cities brace for a nightmare winter housing migrants,” exposed how New York City, among other Democrat-controlled metropolises, is facing a growing housing crisis driven by an inflow of migrants. Here’s the full story. Already at Full Capacity The city authorities have taken several steps in New York, where shelters … Read more

Controversial Mormon Family Declaration Flag Sparks Heated Debate During Pride Month

In a recent Twitter debacle, April Wilde Despain and her husband sparked a contentious debate when they displayed a flag bearing a text-loaded Mormon Family Declaration during Pride Month. The flag, which drew many views and reactions, contained statements expressing their religious beliefs on marriage and family. Homophobic Declaration April and her husband stood proudly … Read more

Dr. Bruce Aronwald Praises Trump’s Health, Declares Him Fit for Office

Former President Donald Trump’s personal physician, Dr. Bruce Aronwald, recently released a comprehensive medical report praising Trump’s health and sharing significant improvements in his physical health. Here’s the whole story. The Report Dr. Aronwald’s report portrays Trump’s overall health as excellent.  The former president’s physical and cognitive examinations produced exceptional results, indicating he is within … Read more

New Murfreesboro Law Against ‘Indecent Behavior’ Criticized as Vague, Homophobic

The city of Murfreesboro in central Tennessee has banned public displays of sexual behavior, including “behaviors, materials or events that are patently offensive to the adult community,” which is punishable by law. Here’s the whole story. Indecent Behavior The ordinance outlawing “indecent behavior” in public and prohibiting “indecent materials,” recently reported by journalist Erin Reed, … Read more