Dad Claims That Perfect Attendance Awards Are Bogus, ‘How Are We Still Doing These?’

With the flu and covid still in the air, parents have been doing their best to navigate school events without them or their children contracting anything. Yet, for some reason, perfect attendance awards are still relevant. A TikTok dad posted a now-viral video explaining why he believes perfect attendance awards should be taken out of … Read more

61 of the Best Gender Reveal Ideas

Although you can choose just to discover your baby’s gender immediately, there’s nothing like the fun and excitement of leaving things up to fate. One quirky way to go about that is with a gender reveal party! The only catch is, what on earth do you do for your gender reveal?  The good news is … Read more

Data Shows Southern States Households are Impacted More by Inflation


Earlier this year, US inflation hit a staggering 40-year high. The Federal Reserve (The Fed) is working to level out the inflation rate by increasing interest with the latest Fed hike of 75 basis points occurring on November 2.  Federal Reserve Board Chair, Jerome Powell, stated that they “…continue to anticipate that ongoing increases will … Read more